Simple Explanation of FlexArmor

Changing the RV world

Changing the RV world
FlexArmor is a modern sprayed RV roof alternative to help all RV owners. Our goal for FlexArmor is if you remove the caulking joints found on an RV roof, you remove the potential for leaks. Alternatively, FlexArmor is a completely seamless RV roof that you don't have to worry about. Beyond this is also a tougher material than other RV roofs. This helps to protect your RV from tough climates, and potential damages.

Quick Drying, Patented Spray
FlexArmor RV Roof is the only sprayed, pure polyurea in the RV industry. It is an A and B chemical that is applied by authorized applicators at various locations. FlexArmor has an extremely fast gel time and is dry to the touch in 6 seconds. FlexArmor roofs are up to 187 mils thick and is 3 times spraying FlexArmor roofthicker than any other options in the industry.

All Work on Your RV Roof is Done Indoors
The reason that the work indoors is that it allows us to completely strip old existing caulk from the roof and remove components without risk of external weather. We have a state of the art indoor facility to do this. When a FlexArmor roof is applied, your roof is stripped down to the bare basics, cleaned and prepared for your new roof with Flexarmor.

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